January 23, 2013

2012 has been a whirlwind… Now that I’ve allowed some time to settle into the New Year, I’m feeling thankful and looking forward to so much in 2013.

I’ll be posting in the next few months about a certain project I have on the go that I’ve been working away at. Until then, I’ve been meaning to share some snapshots from my West coast tour/last gigs of 2012. The tour started in Thunder Bay, ON where I hopped in a van with two of my favorite Australians the extremely talented Kim Churchill and his tour manager extroardinaire Elmo. It was an inspiring way to see Canada from Thunder Bay all the way to Calgary, AB. There was a lot of flat snow but somehow it awoke the muse!

I’d like to extend my gratitude to ArtsNB for assisting the tour financially and helping make it a success! http://artsnb.ca/site/en/

I’ll leave you with these photos-

x Babette.

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hello everybody,

Just a couple of brief updates for you.

The 2012 Saint John Originals Awards with special performances by Grand Theft Bus, Robert Moore, Sistema, Connection Dance Works, Rotary Boys’ Choir, Liam Caines and myself will be held at The Imperial Theatre here in Saint John this Thursday, May 31st. There will be lots of collaboration amongst artists with direction by the incredibly talented Judith Mackin and her crew at PUNCH (http://judithmackin.ca/). The collaboration will have to remain a surprise until then but I can say we’ve all been working  hard on the production for months now and it’s going to be unlike any other performance I’ve been a part of before! I’m very excited for this and I’m also looking forward to seeing other Saint John acts perform that night. If you’re in the area and able to attend, I strongly suggest you to pick up your tickets soon as they’re running out quickly.

tickets available here: http://www.imperialtheatre.nb.ca/index.php

After the Awards I’ll be making my way to Montreal for a performance at this year’s “POP Spring” event. If you’re in the Montreal area, its a free outdoor event and lots of other acts on the lineup including my good friends from Fredericton, NB ‘The Belle Comedians’!

Details here: http://popmontreal.com/en/pop/news/nxne-spring-pop-fringe-pop-and-more

That’s all for now.

Have a great week,

xo Babette




May 17, 2012

I’m very happy to share the news that I’ll be playing this coming Victoria Day for Prince Charles and Camilla on their visit to Saint John, NB. I’ve got my hairpiece all picked out and I’m royally ready to rock.

More news to come.



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March 13, 2012

Hi everyone,

I’ve just returned from a weekend in Ottawa where I was performing at the annual travel show on the New Brunswick stage. It was a beautiful weekend (14 degrees sunday!!)  and I met lots of new friends. Also playing the NB stage was a country group from Edmunston, NB called the Lonesome Line. They are a really talented bunch, those boys! After a long day of traveling, I arrived back to find out some great news that I”ll be an official performer at this year’s Stan Roger’s Folk Festival. I had the pleasure of playing a couple of songs there last July in between acts on the main stage and it was definitely the most fun I’ve had at a festival before!! I’m super excited to be going back this year and encourage anyone who has not yet attended to come along for the experience. That’s all for now, check out the Lonesome Line here :


your friend,



Happy New Year !

January 4, 2012

Dear friends,

Happy New Year to you all! I hope your holidays were spent with people you love and your memory is left with happy, joyful and peaceful moments. It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated the blog; I’ve mostly been taking a lot of time to write a new record and planning for the year to come. I’ve got lots to tell you about, but it will have to wait for now. In the meantime, is an image of the sunset as I was driving through Nova Scotia with a friend earlier this week.

Until next time- yours truly,




Upcoming Shows

October 25, 2011

Hey Everyone,

I spent today in a secret studio location in Montreal demo-ing some new songs! Everything has been going well here on tour and I just wanted to let y’all know about some upcoming shows.

This Thursday, October 27th, supporting The Once in Wakefield , QC at The Blacksheep Inn.

Friday, November 4th, supporting Kate Reid in Saint John, NB at PUMP Night Club.
Saturday, November 5th, supporting Kate Reid in Halifax at The Company House.

I hope to see some of you out!



Rainy Montreal

October 15, 2011

Hello all,

Last night Kim Churchill and I played in the intimate, very friendly and artsy town of Val-David, QC. The venue “La Mouton Noir” was decorated with spooky goblins and gargoyles galore. We were told by the kind owners, Eric and Annie, that a magician is coming to the venue and he is responsible for the decorations. It makes one wonder how a magician decorates? I didn’t have a chance to capture any gargoyle stills, but I’ll be back there to support Caracol on the 22nd so Ill make a point to bring back a photo then.

Later, I caught a ride back to Montreal with some of the nicest folks from Indica Records.

This leads me into today! I had the day off. It has been very rainy in Montreal and I spent a few hours wandering the city. This gave me an opportunity to brush up a little on my french, which at this point feels a bit like old best friend. The friend who I can go so many years without talking to, but when I finally do, it’s as though nothing has changed but a few memories lost in between. We have a lot of catching up to do!

Tomorrow night I will join Kim on stage again at The Corona theater. I’m very excited to play again in Montreal, hopefully I’ll get to see some of you out there tomorrow.



Quebec Tour Journal

October 12, 2011

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the new website! Designed and coded by visual artist W. Scott Forbes. He also directed the ‘Break Line’ video, which can be found under the ‘Videos’ page.

Today I am flying out of Saint John to Ottawa to support the amazing Australian Kim Churchill on tour. I’m so excited to get back to Quebec and Ontario. I will also be playing with french group Caracol and The Once later on in the month. Check out the events page for more info.

Thanks for swinging by the new site and please feel free to come back soon, I’ll be posting lots about the adventure throughout the tour!

More to come…


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